Rare Kingdom: A story of design and dice

4:32 AM
Rare Kingdom is one of the Starcade game designs that has really been a frontrunner for development. It was designed by Kevin Kulp with assistance and testing by the team. Here's Kevin's story about where it all started.

Rare Kingdom started life as another idea. Dollar stores can sometimes be the go to place to find cheap prototyping supplies. And if you have an open mind, a place full of ideas. Over a year ago I kept coming across trick dice in the store, and I became fascinated with the idea of making a game around loaded dice. I found it a good challenge to think of how to use a cheaters die in a game. I would eventually come around to the idea of a bluffing game. Every player would have a bag of dice, 6 to be precise, and scattered among those dice would be 6 loaded dice, loaded on the 6 side. All the dice would be the same color and you have to trade with the other players to get the loaded dice to win. Think you have the loaded dice? Simply roll and prove it. Like many ideas I have it sat for a while.

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