Trans-Galactic Coalition (TGC)

4:59 AM
Concept art by Jason Tagmire and Alex Strang

The Trans-Galactic Coalition formed between all civilizations with the ability to travel faster-than-light.

The TGC has 3 representatives from each civilization who participate in a constant Trans-Telepathic Feed to share info and make decisions as a group. There is no single leadership. The reps or 'Feeders' stay on their respective planets and have no lives outside of the ongoing Feed and may even be in a constant vegetative state.

'Burned Out Feeders' (usually because of extremely high stress TGC issues, or of old age, are out-of-control dangers, due to heightened mind powers that have no purpose anymore. Some are killed, some exiled, and many escape.

Feeders are selected/elected in various ways, depending on their planet's customs.

About the team

The Starcade project was written by Alex Strang and coordinated by Jason Tagmire for Island Officials. The team consists of Robert Christina, Vincent Ciafardoni, Marty Cobb, Maya Milagros DeJesus, Kevin Kulp, Michael Pagdon, Aaron Plasket, George Ragen and Kenneth Thompson.