The Starcade Project

4:34 AM
Concept sketches by Michael Pagdon

Entrepreneurs met and developed a long-term plan to build a leisure planet. Many ideas were proposed and many shot down. Various evildoers tried to take over the meetings w/ their own agendas. The dreaded 'IC' (Infinite Connectivity) was painted as the main enemy that must be stopped.

Eventually it was decided that building a new planet was going to be unrealistically too expensive, so the idea devolved into conquering an existing planet.

To PR the plan, The Starcade Project produced a series of entertainments featuring a character 'IC' who was an evil giant robot, They created a team of heroes (diversified by being of various alien types) called the Starcade Warriors to fight the robot. The property became well-loved and the Starcade Project was now on everyone mind.

A growing attitude among the faster-than-light civilizations was one of total derision towards non Trans-Galactic Coalition worlds. In other words, worlds that did not have faster-than-light abilities were considered barbaric and even demonized to be worthless. This feeling made the conquering of totally populated (yet civilized) planets acceptable to the masses.

An ancient world called Edemos (by its inhabitants) had a very rich history and was filled with many species. It was beautiful, elegant and had a strange energy embedded in nature that most assumed to be 'Magic'.

The Starcade Project chose this world to invade, because they felt the Magic would be a useful energy source and that the indigenous population might be good workers for the project once finished

Edemos was the name of the world and the name of the inhabitants.

The Starcade Project re-named the world 'Starcade'.

About the team

The Starcade project was written by Alex Strang and coordinated by Jason Tagmire for Island Officials. The team consists of Robert Christina, Vincent Ciafardoni, Marty Cobb, Maya Milagros DeJesus, Kevin Kulp, Michael Pagdon, Aaron Plasket, George Ragen and Kenneth Thompson.