Alien Species - Uraes-Seijin

5:28 AM
Concept art by Marty Cobb.
On the planet Uraes, a civilized species developed that was unusually affected by a Language Seed (from the Galactic Root). They did not have minds that could formulate language at all, but they developed an inky substance within their bodies and a special pure-white glossy skin, so they could use their fingers to 'write' messages on themselves that could be erased later.

Smaller, simpler ones used this technique to write reminders to themselves on their bodies, to simulate a basic memory, for daily routines. If they ran out of surface area, they had to erase some data to make room for more. Because of this, they could only retain so much information.

Larger ones with more surface area could afford to write more, so became more knowledgeable and intelligent.

The larger and most complex, with the most surface area, became the wisest, known as the Documents. Many of these became valuable experts on a topic because they erased a lot of mundane information to make room for highly specialized info.

The planet Uraes has an atmosphere formed by constantly disintegrating crystal mountains. There is no water. When the Uraes-Seijin travel to other worlds, they are deathly afraid of water.

About the team

The Starcade project was written by Alex Strang and coordinated by Jason Tagmire for Island Officials. The team consists of Robert Christina, Vincent Ciafardoni, Marty Cobb, Maya Milagros DeJesus, Kevin Kulp, Michael Pagdon, Aaron Plasket, George Ragen and Kenneth Thompson.