Core Beasts

5:13 AM
Concept art by Maya Milagros DeJesus

Unique creatures from the Core, that are saturated with Magic Energy and have great power. They range from 10 - 50 feet in size. They are not species: each one is different. They normally live on the Core and Battle each other (Battling gives them sustenance). They cannot be truly killed, because the Core will always restore them. (they were born of the Core)

Core Beasts are aligned with one of the 5 Magic Types. (as their major type)

The Core Beasts are actually Anti-Bodies to protect and heal the crust of Edemos. The Core 'sends them' to the surface when a 'weak spot' develops and the magic energy there is too weak. Usually only one Core Beast arrives (but there may be more if the damage is very serious). These creatures will typically try to frighten away those who engager the Magic. For this reason, they sometimes use horror-movie-like techniques to scare people. Often they simply rampage.

The Starcade figured out that trying to stop these creatures was useless. Instead, they came up with ways (as they usually do) to exploit the situation and make it 'fun'.


Examples of How Core Beasts are used for fun:

- 1 - Haunted Zones: when an attack is predicted, a semi-transparent dome is projected onto an area of Starcade to keep the creature in a specific area. Sometimes fog and other effects are added. These Zones are used in many fun ways.

- 2 - Attractors: Specialists who use deadly technology/mecha to purposefully ruin areas, hoping to attract a Core Beast

- 3 - Coreballs: spherical gadgets containing a Micro-Compression Field that can be carried and thrown at Core Beats to temporarily weaken their Magic, so they can be captured inside the Balls. People often use these balls to make Core Beats fight each other.



Here is a starting list of some Core Beasts (remember each is unique and famous in its own right) though multiple variations may exist.

- 1- KONJIKOR (mostly Power Magic) (builds up strength towards massive force, for destructive or other very impactful use)
….sent by Core to surface, so it can weaken or destroy threats
- Massive Arms
- Frightening Mouth
- Heavy spheres hanging from body

- 2 - REXONKOR (mostly Control Magic) (moves forcefully and manipulates)
….sent by Core to surface, so it can manipulate the flow of Magic through areas to keep Magic strong
- Long Wing/Arm/Blades
- Very twistable body
- Sensor Stalks

- 3 - OLOMKOR (mostly Influence Magic) (subtle force that cause change, shifts and transformation)
….sent by Core to surface, so it can alter things to strengthen Magic
- Floats
- Large eye(s)
- Shell/Armor

- 4 - BAZILKOR (mostly Creation Magic) (forms from nothing and takes shape, very strong defensively)
….sent by Core to surface, so it can protect against Anti-Magic forces
- Multiple Limbs
- Blocky
- Tentacles

- 5 - XENAKOR (mostly Flux Magic) (synchs with the universe to connect w/ the infinite itself)
….sent by Core to surface, so it can synch with the Ether to spy, and to devise strategies
- Slim
- Many sensors/eyes
- Very strange, almost impossible poses

About the team

The Starcade project was written by Alex Strang and coordinated by Jason Tagmire for Island Officials. The team consists of Robert Christina, Vincent Ciafardoni, Marty Cobb, Maya Milagros DeJesus, Kevin Kulp, Michael Pagdon, Aaron Plasket, George Ragen and Kenneth Thompson.