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There are many very large cities/areas in Starcade that have been built up with certain unique looks and content. They all tend to have the popular attractions, like any other area, but feature their own distinct style.

Concept art by Michael Pagdon.
MERI-GOPLEX: features all rotating rides and attractions, rotating because they are mounted on large 'gears', that lock together, so the surface of the entire place is like a giant set of interconnected gears. No matter what it is, its rotating. The sky is filled with Nomal, robotic drones that are kept afloat by the slight artificial gravity caused by the endlessly spinning  gears. They constantly record images to be used as keepsakes, can be programmed to spy for nefarious purposes, and often crash. Sometimes multiple Nomal malfunction and start imaging each other, so they become caught in a loop. When this happens they become very intelligent and attack the population below.

About the team

The Starcade project was written by Alex Strang and coordinated by Jason Tagmire for Island Officials. The team consists of Robert Christina, Vincent Ciafardoni, Marty Cobb, Maya Milagros DeJesus, Kevin Kulp, Michael Pagdon, Aaron Plasket, George Ragen and Kenneth Thompson.